Flag Day Knitter

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

could there BE less knitting going on here?

That's my best Chandler Bing inpersonation. But seriously folks, I work, I drive (a long commute in this weather) home, make dinner, and plop on the couch.......just plop - no knitting. What? Just not in the mood by then, in fact bearly human by then. I hope this passes. To keep you interested I give you a pretty picture.

(see even Chloe plops!)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Winter Scarf Swap

Yes! A good swap exerience. I love my package and all the goodies.

As for what I have been up to lately? Hrm, well I frogged the Red Light hat, started another hat of my own design, didn't feel the love so I frogged that as well. Went online surfing and remembered I wanted to make a soft knitted doll for baby Caitlyn. If only I could get the out of print German language doll pattern......wait - what do I see? A downloadable doll pattern for $4.37 US?! Yippee - instant gratification. Ordered, downloaded and started. Pictures to follow when it doesn't look so creepy. (you start with the head, I have a finished unattached head - like I said - creepy!)

p.s. still haven't figured out the linkage thing yet, sorry. Go to http://www.rebecca-online.de/shop/product_info.php?currency=USD&products_id=281 hey - now it is $5.20 US. weird.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So I had to switch to the new blogger today. We will see if I like it. No choice, so if I don't - well ... too bad. [like how my links aren't working like before]

anywho - just stopping by to say :
"not much knitting going on"
" work is work - but oh yeah I got a raise already!"
"the flu is flying through the office and I am so not going to get sick"
"there is crap crap crap on TV lately :-( "
"I am only knitting from stash - I hate too much stash"
"currently reading The Friday Night Knitting Club (now you know why I haven't been knitting)"
"this past last week I found out the boy had a girlfriend, went over his text limit $$, and then broke up with her" next girlfriend with be 'in the network'

OK, going to go knit - no, read - no, knit


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

a new hat

Yep, I started another project. This is Brooklyn Tweed's Red Light Special Hat. I am using stash yarn - gotta love that!
Knit Picks Palette in Petal, Peach and Sunlight (held double) and Telemark in cream.
Very girlie. I am not convinced about the Sunlight, it might not be enough of a contrast to the cream. We shall see.

I even swatched. I am using a US 4 circ this time. Let's hope it is big enough.
I am not much further along than these pics show. But I plan on some knitting time tonight. No valentine for me, but I have chocolate and yarn. It's all good.
Enjoy :-)

Monday, February 12, 2007

old fur

becomes new pillows.
That's right I cut up fur coats this weekend and made fur pillows. Now before anyone comments that fur is bad let me just say these coats were made 20+ years ago with fur from animals that lived great long lives and died peacefully in there sleep. Well, that's what I tell myself. It was a shame that the coats were just hanging in the closet, out of style and out of fashion. So I cut them up and sewed up pillows.

I have been knitting on my Jaywalker socks, just at the first heel turn. Very pretty in the Koigu. But I feel a case of startitis coming on ..... a colorwork hat maybe.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mail is Good

Don't you just love it how after what feels like the l o n g e s t work day ever you get home and fine knitterly things in the mail for you? Yea, I love it too. :-)

And yes Heather, something came for you too.......I will get your package mailed out this weekend.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Knitting while watching hockey on TV. I love my Dish Network.

thanks mom

Monday, February 05, 2007

a little too late

Look what I found during my nightly knitweb surfing. It's the WCTP KAL. Sign ups are now closed, but if you are looking for insiration check it out. I really want to make another one of these. And did you see, they have mittens to match. Dude. Too cool.

I enjoyed my first stranded knitting project and I am thinking about doing Brooklyn Tweed's red light special hat, in a different colorway.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The not so Super Bowl

So how much knitting gets done during a Superbowl? Not much. I had to fit in the yelling, screaming, swearing, and eating.

1st quarter, happy beginning.

2nd Quarter, still doing good.

3rd quarter, the beginning of the end....(never a good quarter for the Bears)

4th quarter, after I accepted the inevitable loss I knit a little more.

We did have company and we did have Portillo's beef. (shipped in) We were even serenaded by my son's Colt fan friends at the end of the game. Teenagers!

Socks = Jaywalkers in Koigu.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm keeping my fingers crossed

Friday, February 02, 2007

watch out for Bears