Flag Day Knitter

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So I had to switch to the new blogger today. We will see if I like it. No choice, so if I don't - well ... too bad. [like how my links aren't working like before]

anywho - just stopping by to say :
"not much knitting going on"
" work is work - but oh yeah I got a raise already!"
"the flu is flying through the office and I am so not going to get sick"
"there is crap crap crap on TV lately :-( "
"I am only knitting from stash - I hate too much stash"
"currently reading The Friday Night Knitting Club (now you know why I haven't been knitting)"
"this past last week I found out the boy had a girlfriend, went over his text limit $$, and then broke up with her" next girlfriend with be 'in the network'

OK, going to go knit - no, read - no, knit



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