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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

I don't like reality TV. I don't care who "survives". I don't watch people "race" around, and I have no need to "idol"ize. I do however have a guilty pleasure for the summer. So you think you can dance? I caught the tail end of this show last year and it helped pass the time. But I have been watching from the get-go this time and I hate to admit it - I'm hooked. Check it out tonight at 8/7c on your local Fox channel.

**and for those of you astute blog readers, yes I have an obsession with another reality-type TV show. The Biggest Loser and I are best buddies. More on that when fall comes around. Link is in the sidebar.

p.s. I posted a comment on The Yarn Harlot's blog yesterday (like #110 of 213) and this morning in my mailbox was a reply. From the Harlot! - I am still dancing around the house squealing :-)


  • Congratulations! I did my little dance this past winter when she actually left a comment on my blog. Aren't we pathetic? Yarn geeks unite!

    By Anonymous kimberly, at 11:03 AM  

  • Be wary of reality shows, it's a slippery slope! First we watched the Amazing Race, then The Bachelor and the Bachelorette (we don't watch them anymore, we snapped out of it), then Survivor, and now the Apprentice. Consider me a cautionary tale! ;)

    By Blogger Jenn, at 2:12 PM  

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