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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Do you iPod?

I do! I inherited my son's old gen3 iPod this year and I am hooked. Hooked I tell you! I don't even want to admit to you the hard time I gave him about spending that kind of cash (his own) on a "music player" when he already had a CD player. Ugh - my ignorance is showing. He upgraded to a video model and I got the old one. I use it at the gym, walking the dog, sitting out on the patio, listening to music or my new favorite....podcasts. Oooooh I loves me the podcasts. I am a regular with Cast-on and recently started listening to Pointy Sticks. I try at least 1 new one a month - there are so many out there. (anyone notice that knitting was not included there? Well you all know about my inability to knit and watch TV, just double that and you have me and the iPod - pitiful) So do you pod?
When - where - and with what?


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