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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sunburned and Spanked

A gorgeous, beautiful, sunny day here yesterday in the PNW. I spent a good portion of it sitting and knitting on the patio. Sometimes in the sun (slathered with 45 spf) sometimes in the shade. Sitting and knitting on the purple lace scarf, where I got it. The pattern repeat. I got it again. So much so that I didn't need to reference the chart. Ahhh, pure pleasure. Lounging in the sunlight swiftly knitting along feeling rather smug. This is the life. Uh, until the wind takes your very light balls of merino/mohair and sends them into the yard. Until you realize at the end of row 4 in the repeat you have an extra stitch and need to tink (merino-mohair here people - blowing in the breeze) back 4 rows. Until you go inside for a cold drink and pass the mirror to see red looking back at you. A lot of red, on your face, chest, arms, and those knees. OUCH. You then get a feeling of being good and thoroughly spanked by the Knitting Goddess. I lit a candle and said a prayer. Today's forecast? More sun, less tink, and a shout out to the Goddess.


  • Hi SIL,
    Sound like your settling into the eclectic Northwest lifestyle. Remeber it rains here all the time; or so we tell everyone else. (hehe)
    P.S. waterproof sunscreen SPF60, $3.99 Walmart; think about it.

    By Anonymous Sue (SIL), at 8:23 AM  

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