Flag Day Knitter

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So you want to know about Plan B?

1) put mess of purple yarn into brown paper bag and into time-out. (it needed to be done)
2) purchase Crystal Palace needles. (I was using metal circs)
3) wind 2 balls of purple fuzz into one. (2 purple fuzzy balls jumping around was driving me crazy)
4) read A Primer on Knitted Lace part 1 in IK summer 2006 (alright I get the irony of reading the primer after attempting knitting)
5) get a cold drink, take a deep breath and try again
6) use lifelines!

As you can see we are about back to the place I was before the incident.
Those little white lines? Those are my lifelines. It does make me feel better. I also count, count, and count my stitches on every purl row.

I wasn't idle during the 24-hour purple time-out. I finished some socks. Pictures tomorrow.

p.s. loving the Crystal Palace needles. I also have a set of US 1.5 DPNs and those are my fav for sock knitting.


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