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Monday, June 12, 2006

Elvis called

Honestly he did. "Elvis" is the automated notification system for my library. When Elvis calls - I listen. It means I have a book ready to be picked up. I normally have several books on request ranging from novels, to knitting, to diet so it is always a surprise when I go to pick up my book. Which one will it be? This Saturday it was this book. Some cute stuff in there. No projects planned in the near future but my fav was the Baby Bolero. Alas, no one I know is with child. I had ordered some yarn to make this little number for a wee fashionista in the family, and it came this weekend. I am being a VERY good girl by not casting on until I finish my EB socks. I am at the heel turn of sock 2, and about 14" along on the branching out scarf. I noticed that when I lay the scarf on my arm (to admire my work) I really like the looks of it for a sleeve. Quirky, but pretty. I have an itchin' to make a top down raglan and I have scoped out a few child-sized ones to work first. I like to make a smaller version to boost my confidence before tackling a full size sweater project. Monday morning ritual must commence - ta ta.


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