Flag Day Knitter

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

FO parade

I put the hand sewing finishing touches on the Cabo Tank for Sew? I knit! That meant I could put all the sewing stuff away in my new caddy and clean off the dining room table. I then finished (I started it late Friday night) the little halter top for my cousin's little girl. Her birthday is coming up soon and I hope to get another one off the needles (next time in denim blue) in time to mail off to IL. Sunday while listening to the final round of golf I finished off the embossed leaves. My feet were cold and I put them right on. That's right - no washing/blocking in this house. Socks are made for feet! I wore them the rest of the day - even took the dog for a walk - and now they are in the handmade socks dirty laundry pile. I had delusions of grandure that I would show you a finished branching out scarf....... but not just yet. It is growing very long though. I give myself extra points for making it to the gym this morning - summer vacation and all. Just don't tell anyone it was at 10 instead of the usual 8 in the morning. Now off to get my cell phone upgraded.


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