Flag Day Knitter

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Here we have Glee. Fresh off the needles and ready for blocking and hooks & eyes.
I hate it. I don't like how it looks on me. I forgot the "hang factor" of cotton/cotton blends. This just grows and grows and grows. And I should have added shaping - because man the shape it leaves me in is not flattering!

So minutes after the photo....... frogging began. (all those chins are really mine?)

Yep, all balled up again.

12 neat little cakes. (that is a container that apples come in when you buy them from Costco)

And a new beginning. I was surfing Ravelry and searched for projects made with my Knit Picks Shine Sport and found a lovely photo of this Luna Moth shawl. I think it was even in my Aquamarine colorway. Now that is a sign. I just finished my 1st repeat of chart 2. So far so good. I like the idea of my first shawl project being on a heavier weight yarn.

Like the project above, the blog will be going through some transistions. I will post finished objects and maybe a quick comment post now and then, but I will be taking a break at any attempt at regular posting. I tell you this so you will know to come by periodically to check on me and not have to be checking and checking wondering what is going on with the no posting. (there are others out there still checking on me right?) Now this does NOT mean I am leaving blogland. I LOVE blogland. Maybe too much - that all my time is spent surfing and commenting and that leaves me spent and no posting. You can always find me on Ravelry ; I am (of course) Flagdayknitter over there. See ya around.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Sunday

Well it's Superbowl Sunday and my team(s) are somewhere else but a football field. This saddens me. More than you know. I am a football nut, a Chicago Bears nut and for sure starting to become a Seattle Seahawks nut. SuperBowl Sunday and all I am looking forward to are the overpriced commercials.... saddens me so.

We will fight on! There is always next year! Go Giants!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Glee-fully moving along

Here is my only WIP. Yep in 2008 I am going back to one project at a time. I work better that way. I have finished the ribbing on the bottom and bound off earlier today. Wove in the ends (without trimming, waiting until after blocking for that) and threw it on for a Wip Pic.
Pattern states the next step is the sleeves but I haven't decided how long to make them yet so I am moving straight to the deep V ribbing.
So far so good, even with this pic I am still liking this knit. I was in danger of running out of yarn but luckily saw a post on Ravelry about the Knit Picks shine sport in Aquamarine being discontinued. Yikes, I hurriedly ordered more and I have plenty now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

waiting for yarn

Is hard.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


They are done. Monkey socks made out of Koigu yarn. I have long since lost the info on this yarn. This yarn has tried to be many things before finally accepting the Monkey pattern. This have my first try at a picot edging. I love how it looks but it feels like you knit forever before you even start the sock. I will let you know how I like the stay-up-ability of the picot edge later. They are of course on my feet right now. Kitchenered the toe, put them on, took a pic, posted to the blog all in about 4 minutes.

And you know what this means? I only have 1 wip. 1. who hoo! My current knitting project is Glee. (more on her in next post)

Oh, and if you haven't read the Harlot(totally weird) - go. Hysterical.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

College bound!

My son and ALL my money go to Central Washington University.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's been awhile

I has been awhile since I blogged, a week in fact. The blog still looked current with my Seahawks support the past week but now that the Packers have blasted them out of the playoffs I must move my quite "top model" fashion shot onThis weekend I ordered his cap/gown/tassel and announcements for graduation. *sniff*

I remember a day in 1990 when I called my mom crying and said "he's gonna leave me" and when she asked who?/when? my reply was "(the boy), someday" So as a mom I guess I have been preparing myself (more like dreading) for this next phase of "the boy's" life.

I am both very proud and very scared.