Flag Day Knitter

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


That's how I have been feeling about blogging lately. Oh don't get me wrong, I blog-read, blog-surf, blog-lurk each and every day. But post to my own blog?.....eh. I don't know what it is. I am knitting. A cutie little baby sweater that is thankfully turning out good. I am also plugging along on the scrap socks. I even sewed up 2 new knitting bags for mom and me in summer red-white&blue. Do I have pics for you? no. Why you ask? Eh, don't know. I think about it, I say I will do it later, and then........I don't.

So to keep you from deleting me from your favorite lists (because I am superbad about doing that to other blogs when they don't post) I will leave you with this stunner.

Isn't he gorgeous? All dressed up for Business Week at school. Makes me forgive him for putting his foot on my coffee table :-)

p.s. the boy passed driver training.....onto the DOL testing!


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