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Friday, March 30, 2007

I have had a day

I mean a day at work today. Thank God it was Friday because I need the weekend to wind down. But look what I came home to. Ah, The New Testament. Well I do call Sensational Knitted Socks my bible ;-) I gotta say I had begun to wonder if my sock knitting days were over. I had just not been feeling the love lately. In fact the last 2 socks I started (for myself) I frogged. But after looking through this wonderment of sock instructions/info, I feel the sock knitting mojo returning. Page 57 people, that's all I'm going to say. Page 57. I had pre-ordered this awhile ago through my buddies at Amazon. I live way out in the sticks, so I have lots of stuff delivered. Makes me happy. I had even decided that I wouldn't sign up for any more swaps, not even *gasp* Sockapalooza 4 .......but sorry mom, I think this has changed my mind.


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