Flag Day Knitter

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

no news.....

is good news. Or so they say. I have been busy with work, and the boy and not much time left over for knitting and/or blogging about it. But I will share Greta's stylin' springtime top with you. (shh, it's crocheted)

Oh, and today I was bused into Tacoma for the big company meeting. My first one at this company. I have been to lots of company meetings in my day but I have never experienced what I did today. After the lunch was done and before the speaker began we were asked to "rise for our National Anthem" and so 300+ people rose and placed their right hands over their hearts and watched a montage to the National Anthem. Blew.Me.Away.
With a name like Flag Day Knitter you can guess I loves me a patriotic bunch :-)


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