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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

weekend wrap-up

First here is nephew Z and the boy.

While at the ranch SIL requested that I start her first sock on 2 circs. She was on her 3rd try and I didn't want her to give up. She is currently knitting her first sock on DPNs. She is traveling to nephew L's basic training graduation (yep I've got 2 nephews in the service!)this week and wanted me to cast on for sock #2 on her second set of DPNs in case she finished sock #1. Ambitious!

I am to the heel of POTUS but it is stalled. By what? Oops, I cast on for a Booga Bag. My first. Man it is addictive. I am halfway through skein #2.

I also have been staring at several mini-balls of leftover sock yarn. So my little creative mind started noodling and I started a "free" sock. It has been frogged once already and now I have a partial on stitch holders and will start its mate so I may try to match colors. This poses to be interesting....

After stalking the Green Gable Knit Along for months I purchased the pattern and I am now in search of some yarn in jungle green. YUM Oh and I joined the KAL too.

And since too much is never enough I signed up for Secret Pal 9. Still waiting for my confirmation.


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