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Friday, August 25, 2006

YEA!!!!! It's here

Can you see? Can you see the swap-y goodness?
It is my KSKS package. And I LOVE it!
Jen L spoiled me but good. I am humbled by her generosity. I have already casted on for the Potomo, Pomtoma, Pomato- heck you know the ones. I have named them POTUS with the Koigu yarn in the most yummy of colors - so fall! I got hand dyed wool. For me? Wow. So special. She made me stitch markers. These are too cute. I love the small ones best, how did you know? And the needles and case? Can you believe just yesterday I was noticing that my cheapy Boye #1's were giving me trouble and my thoughts wandered to new bamboos, maybe Clover's, and here they are. Spooky! The soap, I am a smelly soap kinda girl. The patterns, so cool. I will master the toe-up. Little notions that if you can believe I didn't have which brings us to the bags. Jen did a wonderful job. I can't wait to fill them up again and take it all to my SIL's this weekend to show off.
Pockets, ooooh it has pockets inside. *squeal*
I'm like a kid on Christmas morning.
Thanks again.


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