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Monday, August 14, 2006

Natural Cedar

As you can see we have been busy this weekend. To my right is a natural 1 yr old cedar fence panel. To my left is a fence panel stained "natural cedar." It is like brand new. Oh how I loved that lattice when I moved in last year. It is the only fence in the development still that has lattice. A nice detail, uh until you have to stain it. Man is my arm sore. We stained the "public" side over the weekend and the boy and I are in the process of staining "our" side. This is officially where the 5 gallons ran out. I did buy 1 gallon extra while at Home Depot but now me thinks I will need to return the 1 gallon and buy another 5 (at $120!) to finish. You see I have 2 more sides of the yard to stain. But with our outside chore for the day complete - I am now ready for some fun time.

an updated pic of me with my chopped off haircut.


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