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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Black Sheep Gathering weekend was great. It was a mere 4 hour ride to Eugene OR. Thankfully I did absolutely NO driving the whole weekend. SIL has a big truck and I don't drive big. We checked in Thurs night and rested for the big event. There was lots of fiber there; still on the animal, in bags of fleece, and all skeined up for sale. I made some choice purchases, and will show them off in the coming days. SIL showed her ewe lamb and won a blue ribbon and a purple rosette. (that's 1st place people) We shopped and watched the sheep judging. Then shopped and watched the sheep to shawl competition. Later we shopped and watched the Leader's Parade. All the while taking care of sheep, and listening to hours of baa. Now let me come to the big secret in the sheep world. Sheep do NOT baa. They maa. It sounds so similar to the whining of a 5 year old child calling his mom. Ma, ma, maaaaa. Thankfully you get used to it after uh oh 5 hours. It just sort of goes into the background. There were some beautiful faces, but the 2 above were my favorites. So sweet.


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