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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I could't get out of town to get to work. It was icy! under the unplowed snow. I got past the H.S. (where a police car was stationed) past the semi truck that was trying to go up the hill I was going down, past the sand truck that nearly ran me off the road when he moved into my lane of oncoming traffic (to get around the 3 car bump-up), through the first set of twisty turns, only to be stopped and turned back by 2 police cars at a 3 car smash-up before the second set of twisty turns. Well, the turn around was quite tricky and after about 5 mins I was headed home....back through the twisty turns (at least this side now had sand on it) past the tow truck at the first bump-up, up the hill (the one the semi had trouble with) and past the H.S. that now had 2 police cars with flashers. The H.S. was on a 2 hour delay when I left the house at 7:03 a.m. - school was cancelled by the time I got home at 7:38.

That whole trip......maybe 4 miles total.

So I called into work and took a vacation day. Ugh! Not that I wanted to brave the drive (and boy howdy it was bad enough to watch on the news today) but I don't want to miss any training. Forcasters are now telling of 17 degrees overnight which will freeze any thawing that happened today into the dreaded "black ice." I am freaking out already! Oh and school has been cancelled for tomorrow already. That does not bode well for my drive in the morning...if they don't think the buses can make the roads, well there is little hope for me. I thought I hated driving in the rain these past weeks, hell - I'd take that over this snow/ice crap any day.


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