Flag Day Knitter

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I am slowing recovering from the 4th of July festivities. Fireworks = otherwise known as torment all the animals in the neighborhood. My poor puppy has spent the last 2 days trying (in vain) to find a "safe" place. Mostly she is in my closet. The boy and I went to the town fireworks display on Monday night (3rd) and the neighborhood tried to outdo said display on the night of the 4th. It was quite the show. I just had to step out to the patio to see at least 4 different shows. It is still strange for us because back in IL fireworks are illegal. So only a few broke the rules and not for very long. Last night I had sparkles and noise until after 11:30. As for knits - well the Tour de France keeps me company and look what I made. A MDK log cabin square. This is made with (mom)stash. It is Sugar n' Cream cotton. By now you know my thoughts on cotton. In the background you may see Broadripple socks. I started them in OR at the Black Sheep Gathering. And even though I am not part of the Trek Along, these are made of mom's leftover Trekking XXL and they did trek to OR. I have to return the book today :-( to the library. Must also mail letters to the nephew in basic training. Poor dear left WA (70 degrees) to go to OK (110 degrees).


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