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Monday, July 03, 2006

16 months

Yes, 16 months in my new house. A new house - NEW. Ah well you guessed it, just 4 months past the warranty period and things (just little things) are starting to "pop" up. Well out might be a more acurate word. Nail pops. You know those little round bumps in the wallboard? In a knitting pattern we call these miphaps "design features," so I am adapting a similar aproach with the walls. Sunday morning I opened the window in the dining alcove and heard a noise-not a good noise, then later last night the boy calls down the stairs to inform me "mom, the computer is broke. The keyboard doesn't work and the mouse is shot." La-la-la, I just turn on OLN and watch the tour and knit. Have a happy and safe 4th! I am having family over for the American favorite lasagna!


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