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Saturday, October 28, 2006

week 1

It is the weekend and the end of week 1 new-job-training. My cube neighbor asked if I was coming back on Monday.....of course. Training is going slow, but it is a GREAT company and I am sure I can do the job and hopefully move quickly to the next level(s) in promotions. Always keep your eye on the next brass ring. Training with 20-somethings does try my patience, but they can't help it can they? Starting Monday my commute is cut by 2/3 because I was able to sign-up on the Vanpool program. I am definately looking forward to having someone else drive me to work. :-)
Knitting? Yes I will knit this weekend! I am going to spend some quality time on my green gable and maybe work on that cute little puppy child's hat. But first I think I will go yarn shopping!

Enjoy your weekend.
p.s. SP9 package #2 went out this week.


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