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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I can see clearly now.....

I had window washers over this morning. It is my first time doing this. This is my first 2-story house and I was NOT going up there to wash windows. It is well worth the price for what they do, but I hate having people in my house. Hate it. I am wierd that way. Not all people, not friends, family, invited guests. (yes I invited the window washers over by making an appointment - you know what I mean) I could never have a cleaning service, or lawn service - yikes I am getting the shakes just thinking about it. Look what the window washers found. Way up there, under the tallest eve, right next to my bedroom window, just over the sliding glass doors to the back patio.......a hornets nest. A nest (full of hornets) the size of football. We had a problem with bees/wasps/hornets earlier this spring and the boy and I attacked several small honeycombs with spray and the hose for the tall ones. I guess we missed one. Hmm, now I have to call a pest control service.....ugh - more "people" at my house.


  • Oh that makes me feel sooo good, I'm just like you and don't like people in my house either. I couldn't have someone in to clean up after me and when I tell people this they look at me very oddly. Thanks for the post. Phew.

    By Anonymous kimberly, at 7:01 AM  

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