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Friday, September 22, 2006

the game is afoot....

Today is the day. Sock Wars begins...well sort of. It is the 22nd and the Sock Wars dossier is to arrive - but it hasn't. Yarn Monkey is driving 700+ sock knitters wacko today. It may not be all her doing though, power outages from hurricane Gordan hit her area last night and it is suspected that she doesn't have power. All's fair in war huh?

I am working on my Seahawks socks in the meantime. However there is a bit more purple in there and as most of you know, there is NO purple in Seahawks colors. But they sure are purty. I will post a pic tomorrow.

ETA: pattern has been posted, but no dossier e-mail yet.
ETA: my target is momobeans! beware....


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