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Monday, December 03, 2007


When I moved here my brother told me that if I used an umbrella people would think I am a tourist. You see in WA we don't use umbrellas, not just for some "weather." That is what drizzly, spotty, scattered, showers are here. See midwesterners have billions of words for the wet stuff, here? just "weather." Well people we have been having some "WEATHER" here the last 24 hours! In fact :
Gov. Chris Gregoire declared a statewide emergency as the largest storm to strike the Northwest since last December brought hurricane force winds to the coast and torrential rains elsewhere, sending some rivers to their highest levels ever.
exerpt from the local news channel's website.

The weather report this morning warned of avalanche, mudslides, hurricane force winds, and flooding.
No foolin' !

thankfully me and mine are all safe and sound.


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