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Sunday, September 09, 2007

I've lost my mind

I was thinking (I know - never a good thing) that with my other large projects of Big Pink sweater (just past the dividing for the sleeves) and Glee (still increasing) I needed a smaller project to keep me going. What did I cast on for???? Ene's Scarf from ScarfStyle. I know! Insanity! But I have been yearning to try my hand at a non-sock lace project and have always liked Ene's Scarf. I like that it is scarf sized and not a full shawl.

I recently purchased some Knit Picks Shimmer in this yummy fall color, Maple Leaf.

Blame the start of football season for this focus on fall. I equate football to crisp fall days and even snow for late season - I am from Chicago. But here in WA in Sept where the trees stay green forever, I need to create my own fall colors.

CO of 375 sts and row 1 complete, only 178 more to go. The goal is to have it done by Superbowl. Impossible?


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